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From the album Spanish Moss and Total Loss, Shout Out Out Out Out's “Never The Same Way Twice” features swirling synth textures, a toe tapping beat, sexy sax and vocoded vocals setting the pace, and it's just was the party doctor ordered.

[“Never The Same Way Twice” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]

  • Track: Never The Same Way Twice
  • Artist: Shout Out Out Out Out
  • Album: Spanish Moss and Total Loss
  • Plays: 40

You may have seen the name Silkken Laumann popping up here and there since their NXNE show last week. Not to be confused with Canadian champion rower Silken Laumann, this 3 piece from Ottawa is Rolf Klausener and Pat Johnson from The Acorn, and experimental musician Adam Saikaley (they also have an extra ‘k’ in the band name. See, different!) 

The group is influenced by Ottawa’s underground dance nights and, lyrically, their collective romantic experiences in the summer of 2011. The forthcoming album covers it all – heartbreak, commitment, deception, sexiness and lack thereof (sounds like they had quite the summer last year.)

While Hexes and Ohs may be more electronically bent, this offering from Thank You has a firm footing in the dance rock arena with its sexy bass lines and kicking guitars. “What Are You Waiting For?” is a thick slice of nocturnal good times and funky fun on the dance floor.

[“What Are You Waiting For?” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]

This week’s top song on Radio 3’s chart is a twofer - you get a Cadence Weapon track and a Grimes song, both for the price of one. Turns out that “88” is essentially Grime’s “Eight” with Cadence wrapping over it.

Have a listen to this week’s R3-30 podcast to hear Rollie (Cadence) explain how it came to be and his hopes to return the favour on an upcoming session.

Also, check out Grime’s original song to compare: