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Quebec’s Fanny Bloom unfolds her latest forward thinking electro-pop excursion, “Annie” on Radio 3. Opening with playful pastoral piano keys dancing over an airy backdrop of strings, “Annie” bursts open with juxtaposing electronic beats and synth layers that take this pop track to exciting and captivating new vistas.  

 [“Annie” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]

  • Track: Annie
  • Artist: Fanny Bloom
  • Album: Apprentie guerrière
  • Plays: 20

Crossing secondary boarders comes Toronto’s Beta Frontiers with “Hondo”, a super cool electro groove that lingers like last night’s cigarette smoke. Featuring You Say Party's Becky Ninkovic on vocals, the track has a nocturnal, chilled pace and a building beat that grows into a thick jam with 8-bit trappings and sythn fixings for your tapping toes.

[“Hondo (feat. Becky Ninkovic)” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]

"Compulsion" from Toronto’s Blank Capsule is a thick, synth-pop track that stomps on the line between ’80s New Wave and ’90s Industrial. The electro textures are heavy, the vocals are subdued and smooth, while the beat is something you can still dance to. Now question is, will you be wearing fluorescent hi-tops or riveted PVC boots?

[“Compulsion” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]

  • Track: Compulsion
  • Artist: Blank Capsule
  • Album: SCORE006
  • Plays: 10

LISTEN: Young Empires “White Doves”

Young Empires have taken their self-described “world beat haute rock” sound of the streets and runways of Paris to the television airwaves. Young Empires tap into the synth-rock fountainhead for inspiration and in the process stake out new territory. “White Doves” is an atmospheric, glimmering pop track with celestial, echoing vocals and a crystalline clamour that can hold its own among the ranks of Canada’s avant-garde indie-pop.

[“Whtie Doves” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]

  • Track: White Doves
  • Artist: Young Empires
  • Album: White Doves (Single)
  • Plays: 20

LISTEN: Royal Canoe “Hold On To The Metal”

The genre-defying Winnipeg 6-piece Royal Canoe unleash the restraints on inspiration allowing their sounds to traverse territory that more referentially self-conscious pop groups wouldn’t cross. “Hold On To The Metal” is an expansive, communal electro-pop experience worth getting a grip on.

 [“Hold On To The Metal” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]

  • Track: Hold On To The Metal
  • Artist: Royal Canoe
  • Album: Extended Play
  • Plays: 20

LISTEN: Young Truck “Incremental Sticks”

There’s something oddly addictive about Young Truck. It’s noisy and rhythmic, but tempered and restrained just enough for maximum listenability. The rigid, old school drum machine beat acts as a perfect counterbalance to the intricate layers of detuned tremolo guitar and lightly pulsing melodies. Their label dubbed this infectious lo-fi concoction bare bones disco-noir, which sums it up perfectly.

  • Track: Incremental Sticks
  • Artist: Young Truck
  • Album: work stress