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From the album 3rdbuglar, “Sufficiently Suffonsified” by Wordburglar is a fun rhymefest touching on subjects ranging from The Transformers and Star Wars to hockey and fast food. With his bilingual lyricisms and solid beats, you’re going to like the cut of his jib.

[“Sufficiently Suffonsified” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]

  • Track: Sufficiently Suffonsified
  • Artist: Wordburglar
  • Album: 3rdbuglar
  • Plays: 40

Comprised of a quartet of journeymen DJs, A Tribe Called Red have taken their Hip-Hop, Dance Hall and Electronic inspirations and merged them with Pow Wow music on their self-titled Polaris prize nominated album. The descriptively named track, “Electric Pow Wow Drum” is a buzzbomb of synthetic electro blasts and driving beats that’ll turn heads and tap toes.

[“Electric Pow Wow Drum” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]