Last week, we debuted Stars' new single “The Theory of Relativity” on CBC Music, where you can stream or playlist the song. And boy howdee did you ever stream and playlist the song.

In fact, “The Theory of Relativity” was the song both most played on demand and most added to playlists on CBC Music. Bet you can’t wait until their new album The North drops on September 4?

You may have seen the name Silkken Laumann popping up here and there since their NXNE show last week. Not to be confused with Canadian champion rower Silken Laumann, this 3 piece from Ottawa is Rolf Klausener and Pat Johnson from The Acorn, and experimental musician Adam Saikaley (they also have an extra ‘k’ in the band name. See, different!) 

The group is influenced by Ottawa’s underground dance nights and, lyrically, their collective romantic experiences in the summer of 2011. The forthcoming album covers it all – heartbreak, commitment, deception, sexiness and lack thereof (sounds like they had quite the summer last year.)

From the Polaris long listed The Other Side of Tomorrow, this The Slakadeliqs track takes hints from the ’60s, fluttering flutes and pizzicato stings, and elements of pop and soul to produce an ambitious and swinging groove. Featuring the talents of Sandie Black, “Call Me Your Friend” is a fun refreshing treat.

[“Call Me Your Friend” was added to rotation this week on CBC Radio 3]